Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Osama Bin Ladin...Dead?

We all know the governments of the world tend to enjoy covering up details.  I for one will not be convinced this human being is dead until there is physical evidence of his demise.  Dumping him in the ocean in order to avoid his followers building him a shrine is one of the more absurd statements made.  It would be foolish to believe everything our governments have to say considering all we have heard and seen throughout history.  Unsolved assassinations, plenty of false accusations, and much more.
I simply ask the American people to evaluate this claim because we deserve better than the lies we are always fed.  Major media corporations from around the world analyzed and concluded that the photo of Bin Ladin was photoshopped and edited.  So how can we believe the statement that he was killed and dropped off into the open waters so nobody could retrieve his body?  We can't.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gas Prices

Today I find myself extremely frustrated on this not so Holy Saturday.  I had to fill my car up with gas and found my cheapest option to cost me $4.71 per gallon.  This is something that makes me very agitated with the direction of the country when we are more than capable of tapping into our reserves until we find the alternative fuel.

It is clear that at this rate we could be looking at $5.50+ by mid-summer.  This has been backed up by reports on Fox News.  The war-economy is much different than the previous war-economies.  I'd like to figure out why the citizens are made to suffer during situations like this when we have no hand in the matter.

Not only are we currently suffering from an increasing unemployment rate, but now these unemployed men and women in our society need to feed the mouths of their children and pay these overpriced gas figures.  I'd like to see someone speak up about this because I know personally it will cost me $65 at least to fill up my car in the next few months when I do my most driving.

It would be great if our country's citizens would unite and take a stand against this by going on strike towards the gas pumps and instead use Mass-Transit or take a cab to their destinations.  The country would feel obligated to drop these prices or find more incentive to fund the research to find the alternate fuel.

Alternative Fuel

Spain Discovers Fuel of the Future.  Seems like Spain, a struggling economic country, may actually be digging themselves out of the financial gutter with this potential massive discovery.